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We design, manufacture and install glass artwork for a wide variety of environments, from features for interior entryways and large-scale facades to free-standing sculptures for exterior landscapes. We create bespoke commissions which enhance their location and become integral to the fabric of the building or public space itself.



We are specialist glass art consultants. We can give detailed technical advice on the best use of glass as a medium for design, and the optimum technique for each context. Our breadth of knowledge of artists working in the field and of the different methods of realising visual ideas makes us suited to delivering reports for larger scale schemes, preparing budget options and outlining the ideal options for this type of intervention.



Projects are personally managed from the first enquiry to final completion. Our practice can handle the selection of artists, the development of designs and the management of every aspect of a glass art project, including lighting, engineering and installation. Andrew Moor has been helping artists, architects and interior designers to realise their ideas in glass for over thirty years, organising projects in a wide variety of contexts, techniques and artistic styles. Andrew Moor has project-managed work in the church, retail, office, airport, hotel, leisure and private sectors.




Andrew Moor founded Andrew Moor Associates in 1984 to assist architects in managing glass art projects. In only one year, his practise became the international agent for Derix Glass Studios, project managing artworks across the UK up to 1,000sqm.Andrew Moor Associates swiftly developed into an international company, creating autonomous and architectural artworks in locations across Europe, as well as in Asia and the US. Andrew Moor is known throughout the glass art world as an authority on what can be achieved in glass, managing Patrick Herron's glass art project in the Tate Gallery as well as artworks by Christopher Le Brun and Henry Moore.



Andrew Moor works both as a freelance artist and facilitates other artists in realizing their ideas in glass. When working individually or in a collaboration, he focuses upon creating engaging public spaces - artworks that captivate the viewer and enhance the site. All of Andrew's work is site-specific, harnessing the identity of a location. His exceptional experience working with glass allows him to harness a variety of techniques in his broad practise, often combining traditional methods with cutting-edge digital technology. In both his two-dimensional and three-dimensional work, he plays with the shifting levels of transparency and reflection.



Andrew Moor has written three books about architectural glass art, and lectures at major international conferences. He has a reputation as an entertaining speaker who delivers a broad overview of contemporary developments within both the aesthetic and the technical side of this powerful architectural artform.

Andrew Moor does CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminars at architectural practises in the UK, particularly in London where he is based. His stimulating seminars present an opportunity to understand the variety of technologies available, the various contexts within which they can be used, and the wide range of aesthetic approaches that can be applied.