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andrew moorAndrew Moor has lectured many times at major international conferences throughout the world.  He has a reputation as an entertaining speaker who delivers a broad overview of what is happening with both the aesthetic and the technical side of this powerful architectural artform.



Andrew Moor also does CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminars at architecural practices in the UK, particularly in London where he is based.   He will normally show over one hundred images.  These seminars provide an opportunity to understand the various technologies available and at the same time to see many different contexts where these technologies can be used,  and many different aesthetic approaches that can be taken.  They provide a real feast of ideas and stimulation, that are particularly relevant to anyone involved with Public Art.





Andrew Moor Associates write reports for larger scale schemes on how glass could be used as a medium for artworks.  His breadth of knowledge of artists working in the field and of  the different methods of realising visual ideas technically make him well suited to preparing budget options and clarifying the optimum contexts within building for this type of intervention.


Birmingham City Centre Project by Andre Moor Assocaites

Birmingham City Centre consultation