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Andrew Moor began lecturing in 1988 at universities and architectural and interior design practises, publishing his first book in 1989. He has now written three critically acclaimed books on glass art and lectures around the world at major international conferences on contemporary developments within both the aesthetic and the technical side of this powerful art form.

Colours of Architecture

‘Colours of Architecture' has been widely acclaimed by both glass artists and architects. It explores the latest technologies and the uses both architects and artists have made of the ever growing range of techniques for producing images and colours in glass. This book has 360 colour images from all over the world. (2006)
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Architectural Glass Art

'Architectural Glass Art' was published in the UK and the US. It explores the evolution of the artform in the 1990's, containing studies on some of the major glass art practitioners and examining artworks that harness a wide range of techniques. (1997)
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Contemporary Stained Glass

'Contemporary Stained Glass' was published in the UK, the US (as 'Architectural Glass') and France (as 'Les Vitrail dans l'architecture moderne'). It is an in depth survey of the most interesting stained glass from the 1980's, illustrated with 270 colour photographs and wide ranging, informative text. This book has now sold nearly 35,000 copies worldwide. (1989)
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Architektur Glas Farbe


los colores de la arquitectura by andrew moor